Generate some B2B social media buzz

As digital content pollinators, we know it takes more than posting a couple of links or pictures here and there. You need a complete strategy to get results, and it starts here.

Worldwide, 3.196 billion people are active on social networks. That’s 42 percent of the total population. Active mobile social users represent 39 percent of the population.

In North America, 70 percent of the population is active on social media and 61 percent actively access social media via mobile devices.

Think of all the people who are walking around all day using a device that holds the potential for your brand to connect with them. Make B2B social media marketing services work for your brand.


of the global population are active on social media


of North Americans are active on social media

Let’s create some better buzz

You’ve got a lot of choices when it comes to where you spend your time on social media.  And let’s face it, some of those spots are pretty tempting. (Hello, TikTok!) However, you’ve got to be strategic.

The B2B Mix® crew will help you:

  • $Select the best channels to reach the right people.
  • $Craft the right messaging for your brand to use on social platforms.
  • $Develop the right balance of curated versus original content.
  • $Distribute and promote your content across multiple networks.
  • $Assist with engaging with your customers and leads online.
  • $Launch paid social media campaigns.
When it comes to video-based social media content, we can help you and your team get ready for your close-ups by providing tips on equipment, lighting, and scripting if you need it. We can also provide post-production support to get that raw video in terrific shape.

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