Well, hello there. Have we met yet?

We’re The B2B Mix® founders:
Stacy Jackson and Alanna Jackson.

Yes, we’re related, but don’t worry. There’s no sibling rivalry between these two sisters. Our individual strengths complement one another, and we play nicely with others on your team.

Plus, we have a network of creative talent who also bring something special to our client engagements.

stacy jackson

Stacy Jackson


Stacy is a content marketing professional who helps businesses and individuals optimize their online presence. She’s an editor and writer, and a regular contributor to various marketing blogs.

alanna jackson

Alanna Jackson


Alanna is a client services and project management professional who understands the complexities of modern B2B marketing. She’s an adept leader who ensures the team consistently meets client expectations.

About The B2B Mix®

The B2B Mix™, formerly known as Jackson Marketing, Inc., began in 2011. Since our inception, we’ve served B2B brands to assist them with their marketing needs in the areas of content creation, social media, SEO, PPC, technology management, and more.

Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to work with startups, growing private businesses, and publicly-traded companies. We’ve approached each of these engagements with a desire to learn, serve, and celebrate successes.


We look at the customer experience from your point of view and work to make it pleasant and rewarding.


We work hard to do the right thing. If we mess up, we fess up and take steps to make things right.


Sometimes plans change, and things happen to derail a perfectly good timeline. No worries. We’re flexible.


Whether you ping us by Slack, email, text, phone, or carrier pigeon, a timely response is our priority.


We’d like to be a part of your team and revel in the excitement of the big wins we’ll accomplish together.


“Not my job” is not our mantra. We’ve even helped a client’s kid with a class project about marketing.


We genuinely care about people and their needs. Not everything in business should be a transaction.


Marketing and related technology are constantly changing. So we stay curious and work hard to keep in the know.


Life is too short, and workweeks are too long not to have fun. We’re serious about work, but let’s laugh, too.

Now that we’ve met, let’s stay in touch!

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