Have you ever thought about how many Jacksons there are? Well, as a Jackson myself I have, and let me tell you we’re everywhere!  You’ll find artists, bankers, HVAC workers, actors, directors, writers, politicians, and yes, marketers bearing the surname of Jackson. We’re a proud and numerous bunch.

Oh, and did you know:

  • Jackson is among the top 50 surnames in the United States.
  • There are over 30 cities in the US that make use of  “Jackson” in their names
  • So, it only makes sense that you’ll find  companies in practically EVERY industry in North America that leverage “Jackson” in their names. 

In fact, a quick search on Google or LinkedIn will provide you with a long list of spirited and creative Jacksons making their way in the wide world of marketing. But how do you decide which Jackson agency is the right fit for your marketing needs?

That’s a question that these two Jacksons recently began to ponder. How do two mighty Jacksons stand out among all the other amazing Jacksons out there in the marketing world?

Well, the answer is simple: sometimes you’ve got to mix things up. 

Instead of leaning into our last names, it’s time to stand out from the crowd, a noble crowd though it may be.

So, we’ve changed our name. Jackson Marketing is now The B2B Mix. We’re marketers who have specialized in business-to-business marketing since 2011, and we’re here to help you fix your mix.

So, if you need help to make sure you’ve got the right marketing mix for your business when it comes to SEO, Content Creation, Social Media, or Martech management – do a quick search for The B2B Mix.

We’d love to be part of your team!

About the author

Alanna Jackson is a founding partner at Jackson Marketing, Inc., a marketing firm located in Dunedin, Florida. In addition to her work at Jackson Marketing, Alanna is a co-host of The B2B Mix Show podcast. You can follow Alanna on Twitter at @alanna_jax and connect with her on LinkedIn.
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