Mixed up about martech? (And maybe salestech, too?)

Did you hear? There are at least 8,000 martech solutions as of 2020. Not 80. Not 800. 8,000!!! And we’re not even adding in the salestech solutions available: That’s estimated to be in the hundreds . . . for now.

Maybe you’re trying to figure out if you need a CMS, marketing automation, an email marketing platform, a dashboard solution, CRM, sales engagement software, or sales enablement software.  

Oh, and what about project management for marketing? 

Oh, and what about ensuring these platforms integrate with your productivity tools like Slack? 

Oh, don’t forget about your webinar and video platforms!

All of that stuff can be mind-boggling and expensive if you don’t pick the right options for your tech stack. But don’t worry: Here’s where The B2B Mix® nerds like us can help! We’ll help you fix that tech stack mix!

Fix the friction with technology

Sales & marketing people, listen up! You’ve got to proactively and quickly respond to the evolving demands, attitudes, and desires of customers and prospects. Martech and salestech solutions can make that happen. Now is the time to reduce friction in the buying process, as well as the sales & marketing processes.

Almost every sales & marketing department today is heavily tech-dependent, so B2B brands have to be proactive with their technology use. 

If you don’t have a sales & marketing tech person on your team, get in touch.

Here are some of the ways we’ve helped our customers address tech challenges:

  • $Implementation and administration of HubSpot Marketing Hub and HubSpot Sales Hub CRM
  • $Setup of Google Analytics, including custom conversions, alerts, and more.
  • $Setup of Google Search Console and Google Tag Manager
  • $Development of custom dashboards in Databox, Google Data Studio, and HubSpot
  • $WordPress website management
  • $Administration of Terminus ABM platform
  • $Solution integrations (for example: chat tools integrating with Slack, marketing automation integration with project management tools, etc.)
  • $Implementation and administration of employee advocacy and brand advocate marketing platforms
  • $Implementation and administration of content curation solutions, social media platforms, email marketing, marketing automation tools, CRM, sales engagement, and more

Are you a HubSpot Shop?

We’re here to help!

Now that we’ve met, let’s stay in touch!

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