For some companies, it’s hard to get everything done in a business without a little outside help. Freelancers can be a great addition to your team for those extra resources needed to get the job done. We spoke to George Papadeas from The HOTH, a white label SEO service built specifically for agencies, in-house SEOs, and affiliates. The HOTH works with many freelancers daily and knows what it takes to be successful when working with freelancers.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • how to find the right freelancers and the approach companies need to use to find them
  • how to budget for the right talent – setting budgeting expectations and being fair in your payment practices
  • how to set the right communication framework
  • how to ensure you’re respecting their boundaries as a contracted resource while also making them feel welcome and appreciated
  • how to follow state laws when it comes to treating freelancers as employees (i.e. California AB5 law)
  • and more

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This episode is sponsored by
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