How to Beat Short Attention Spans? Try Video.

Research shows that attention spans are getting shorter.

More content appears online every day. How do you cut through the clutter?

Use videos. They get across more information faster. They’re also more enjoyable to watch than reading lengthy blog posts. (I get the irony of asking you to read this post when a video could be more enjoyable. 😀)

The Power of Videos in Marketing

Video is so powerful that 62 percent of B2B marketers say video should be every brand’s main marketing format.

It can be tempting to throw a few videos on Youtube to see what sticks. But you’ll see more success faster if you plan your content first.

Whichever of these video ideas you choose, get the basics in place first. Write a script so you know you’re covering the right messages.

And work out how you’ll measure the metrics. Optimize your videos for search. Get them spread across your email list, social media, and website.

Ready to get started? Read on to learn 10 of the best video ideas for your video marketing strategy.

1. Turn Blog Posts into Slideshow Videos

When you’re starting out, video can seem daunting. Where do you start? What do you say? What technology do you need?

You’ve already got a ton of content on your blog so start there. Pick an info-heavy blog post and turn it into a slideshow.

Your video can be as simple as doing a screen capture while you click through a Keynote presentation. The blog post provides you with a script.

Offer the slides as a subscriber incentive and grow your email list while you’re at it.

2. Run Webinars

Webinars are still going strong because you can help viewers and showing what you know. You can use them for an existing audience and remove any hesitation they have about buying.

And unlike a static video, you can man the chat box and gather questions from audience members. 92 percent of attendees actually want this live Q&A. Answer the questions in the video.

Keep the questions to form the basis of new promo videos in the future.

3. Get on Facebook Live

You can even run impromptu webinars by jumping on Facebook Live. Contrary to what you might think, Facebook Live is still a great venue for B2B.

Why? Because those buyers have Facebook accounts. As a more personal space, you can make a different connection with them.

When you’re done, download the live video and post it on Youtube.

4. Capture Your Events on Video

Speaking at an event? Attending a trade show? Going to a conference?

It doesn’t matter if you’re hosting the event or attending. Capture it to form a new marketing video.

Consider going ‘behind the scenes’ to show the prep for your trade show stand. Or interview attendees to make new connections.

Salesforce posted a keynote about the reinvention of learning by their head of developer relations.

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5. Create How-to Tutorials

Consider ‘how-to’ tutorials to help generate awareness of your brand. They’re more general and don’t get too specific about what you actually do.

Instead, they offer a ‘how-to’ on something related to your product or service. Look at Trello. They aim to improve productivity by using their product.

They posted this video about the Pomodoro technique to increase productivity. It doesn’t use the hard sell on anything specific to Trello. Instead, they chose a tangential link to build brand awareness.

6. Try Creating Demo Videos

If tutorial videos are general, demo videos are specific. They teach customers how to do something with your product.

Evernote runs a series of playlists to help people find the right videos. They pack their tutorial playlist with videos explaining different features of their software.

Repurpose the demo videos for your onboarding sequence so new customers get up to speed. Or add them to your FAQ page.

7. Go for Explainer Videos

Don’t confuse explainer videos with demo videos. Demo videos stick to specific features or tools.

Meanwhile, explainer videos can explain the value or benefit of your product. They often take the form of short animations placed front and center on a website.

They usually use a character to represent your target audience. This character faces a particular problem – one that’s familiar to your audience. Your product is the only way to solve the problem.

Or do what HP did. Explain a dry topic like printer security using epic visuals and Christian Slater.

8. Post Video Case Studies

Use case studies as promo videos to help build desire for your product or service. They’re a great choice because they show what results you can get for your customers.

Besides, your customer will help you promote them online as a form of self-promotion. It’s an excellent way to get more eyes on your content.

Seventy percent of B2B buyers watch videos throughout the research and buying phase. Give them some concrete information about how you operate using a case study.

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9. Embrace the Power of Testimonials

Case studies are great for showing what you did for other businesses. But testimonials let those businesses explain how great you are in their words.

People like testimonials for the same reason they read reviews on Amazon and TripAdvisor.

It helps build trust in your service and makes it seem more concrete.

10. Go Epic with a brand video

Brand videos let you go deeper into the values of your business. What makes you do what you do? What drives your business?

This gives your audience something to connect to. If they have the same values, they’ll feel that resonance.

It’s harder for them to object to buying your service if they agree with your principles.

Dropbox made a simple 1-minute video about the power of creative energy. All to sell the potential of cloud storage for business collaboration.

Which of These Video Ideas Will You Use First?

Any of these video ideas can be the ideal way for you to reach your target customer. Videos offer researchers more information on a brand. They can learn about your solution, compare brands, and research before they buy.

Choose the right video idea to suit where your customer is in their path to buy. Use how-to videos or brand videos to get their attention. Build their interest by using event videos or webinars.

Generate desire with case studies and testimonials. Include calls to action to get them to buy.

Above all, develop a strategy. Download our B2B content marketing strategy guide and get started on yours today.


Attention spans are shorter than ever, and video can be a great way to combat that problem. Here are the 10 ideas for creating more content for your B2B video marketing efforts.

  1. Turn blog posts into slideshow videos.
  2. Run webinars and use the recordings for on-demand viewing.
  3. Get on Facebook Live.
  4. Use video to capture events (tradeshows, company events, and more).
  5. Create how-to tutorial videos.
  6. Try creating demo videos.
  7. Create explainer videos.
  8. Post video case studies.




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